Issue with Invalid License Key for Free Trial for BWSim-5G

Dear Community GigaYSA Group,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to seek assistance from the knowledgeable members of the GigaYSA community regarding an issue I encountered while attempting to activate the free trial of BWSim-5G, which I downloaded from your recommended source.

Despite diligently following the installation steps provided in the documentation, I have been unable to proceed with using the product due to an invalid license key error. Whenever I enter the license key, the software consistently displays a message indicating that the key is not valid. Considering the significance of BWSim-5G for my master research project, this problem has caused a significant setback and has hindered my progress.

I am reaching out to the community in the hopes that someone may have encountered a similar issue or possesses the expertise to provide guidance on resolving this matter. If anyone has any insights, workarounds, or troubleshooting steps that may help rectify the invalid license key problem, I would greatly appreciate your input.

Additionally, if anyone has connections or can reach out to the developers or support team of BWSim-5G, I kindly request your assistance in highlighting this issue and expediting a resolution. Any help in obtaining a valid license key or resolving the license activation problem would be invaluable.
I understand the community’s commitment to supporting one another and sharing knowledge, and I am confident that together we can find a solution.
I would be grateful for any insights or assistance that you can provide. Time is of the essence for my research project, and I am hopeful that the GigaYSA community can offer their expertise and support.
Thank you all for your attention and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards.